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Settlement Miquelstrasse

Frankfurt-Westend, Germany
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It is a housing estate in Frankfurt's Westend district, which was initially called the Miquelstraße settlement as a project of New Frankfurt before being named after the Jewish patron and benefactor Carl von Weinberg in the post-war period.

The development of this site in the best residential area in Frankfurt forms part of the overall development plan for the Ginnheimer Höhe between Eschersheimer Landstrasse and Ginnheimer Landstrasse. The individual buildings are arranged in the form of a staggered north-south facing double terraced house development on both sides of a wide strip of greenery running east-west, which forms part of the connection between the large green areas of the Palmengarten and the Grüneburg and the main cemetery. Miquelstrasse forms a section of the second concentric belt of streets around the city center, which will have the function of collecting traffic for inner-city traffic. Ground-floor garage buildings are arranged along this street between two blocks of adjacent residential rows, which are available for rent to the residents of the adjoining apartments. While the peripheral development increases to 4- and 5-storey apartment buildings, the inner residential areas are being developed with two-storey single-family houses. The construction phase in 1930 was carried out in a brick building clad with fine plaster. Most of the apartments in this section are used to house employees of the chemical company IG Farben, whose new central administration building is in the immediate vicinity of the settlement on the Grüneburg site.

The site planning was done by Ernst May, Herbert Boehm, and Wolfgang Bangert; Carl-Hermann Rudloff. Due to the global economic crisis, the settlement could not be completed, so that some areas only emerged in the post-war period.

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