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Stirling Previs Housing

Lima, Peru
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The three prefabricated components create the original structure of the house. The walls provided a rigid grid which is difficult to modify and defined the property. The pillars marked the corners of the house and provided a strong relationship between the rooms and the central courtyard. The lightweight floorslabs could be erected with a self-built method, which made expansions easily possible on top of the original structure. The extensions were proposed above the floors and the corner courtyard, sharing its walls with the neighbors.

The lounge and the bedrooms were arranged around the central courtyard, while the kitchen, the bathroom, and the service zone were situated around the corner courtyard. Each house had two front doors, one leading directly into the living room, while the second led to the circulation area connecting the entrance to the bedrooms. Each room was foreseen with openings on opposite walls to create natural cross ventilation.

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daniele, May 29th, 2017
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