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University Facilities Udep

Piura, Peru
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The facility is conceived as an extension of the arid forest of Algarrobos that characterize the northern Peruvian desert, providing shade in a hot and dry climate.

A new generic classroom and faculty offices in UDEP campus, situated in the hot desert in the North of Peru, is the opportunity to give the students the needed space for informal learning between classes, potentiating wide open circulations protected from sunshine and glare.

A constellation of 10 buildings is linked by a system of ramps and alleys, courtyards, and gardens within a square perimeter of 70 x 70m. Five typical units are assembled within this square to produce a great variety of open but protected spaces for students and faculty members, with facilities like informal reading spaces, cafes, meeting rooms and reception.

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thedani, February 16th, 2017
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