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Samper Previs Housing

Lima, Peru
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The concept of low-density housing becomes an international and alternative to Latin America, other than the horizontal garden city of Howard and the vertical garden city (CIAM). The design was based on a proposal that started from the choice of a lot of 80 x 80 Mts. To the interior of which were accommodated multiple distributions of small square lots of 9 meters of a side, combined the constructed area and the patio area, in turn, to create four different distributions; To the side of the lot, the vehicular parking for the residents would be located. These lots comprised a neighborhood with a large central space for the location of community services and it created a simple, rational and repeatable urban structure.

Constructively the proposal was based on the improvement of local technologies which was considered as a realistic and viable position. The PREVI competition as a whole was a success, due to the variety of solutions proposed. A time after the contest was the opportunity to apply in Bogota the principles proposed for PREVI. A popular community of 200 self-builder homes that was very successful, and whose subsequent socio-economic development has been very interesting; 80% of the owners derive their income from work that occurs in the same homes.

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daniele, June 1st, 2017
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