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Steintor Tram and Bus Stop

Hannover, Germany
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The busstop with the Anzeiger-Hochhaus behind

Hannover is a city of public art. This work of art - tram and bus stop designed by international designer and architect Alessandro Mendini. It's a tram and busstop at Steintor (city rail 10, 17): a massive yellow and black stone landscape by the Italian architect, broken up by the golden turrets in the corners.


In the Middle Ages this site was one of the city's exits. The yellow and black fortress designed by the Italian Alessandro Mendini, which contrasts with the brick building, the Anzeiger-Hochhaus received. The tram and busstop looks like a modern castle, is part of an internationally acclaimed street design project with the theme 'Bus Stops', initiated by the traffic department. Today Anzeiger-Hochhaus is part of a media center and was built by the architect Fritz Hoger in 1928 for the publisher August Madsack and the former 'Hannoverschen Anzeiger' paper.