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Sports Centre Mulimatt

Windisch, Switzerland
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The sports complex of Windisch-Mulimatt, Aargau, has been designed as one big bright room, with no attachments or secondary service units. All playing fields receive light from each building side and when the covers are lifted they have a dual external view.

The carrying structure is strong and important, however the architectural richness of the building is given by the transparent or translucent elements. The gymnastic halls is at the same level as the natural ground; a great view is seen throughout the landscape. The building structure is compact, the footprint is minimal, the height is limited.

The access to the gymnasium is made on the square side, the central point where pedestrians, bicycles and cars arrive.

The landscaping concerns only a wide and dense planting along both banks of the river.

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  1. Architect's Website
archibald, February 6th, 2013
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