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Holy Cross Church in Chur

Chur, Switzerland
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Standing at the foot of the Alps is the highly contemporary Holy Cross Church in Chur, Switzerland. Designed by Basel born Swiss architect Walter Forderer, the church evokes strong features of Brutalism. Built between 1966 to 1969, the church appears like a mass fortress that conveys a symbolic defensive attitude.

The polygonal tower at the south west corner of the building is the dominant feature that contains four bells: the trinity bell, the cross bell, the peace bell, and the Marien bell.

The Roman Catholic Church was assembled through a layered concrete construction, with dominant uneven forms tying in and out of each other. The dark semi-circular interior was built entirely out local concrete and wood materials that contrast with each other creating a powerful sacred space.

More interestingly, are the numerous visible details of the structure and materials, such as the wood textured concrete, the pews locking into the concrete face, and the integration of the handrails into the composition.

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lacuna, January 18th, 2015
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