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Snail Tower

Tartu, Estonia
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The Snail tower in the city of Tartu, Estonia consists of a block of flats, several offices, and a four level horizontal parking house. Spreading over 23 levels, the building has a ground plan that is designed as a spiral giving it a sculptural form that is the driving idea behind the entire project. The idea of a spiral being an omnipresent archetype throughout the ages and found in all geographical regions as representing the development of life.The spiral theme spreads all the way to the top of the building and the horizontal parking supports the entire tower along with the cupolas, the globe and the protrusions of the Science Centre. The flats are placed around the central core with radial walls expanding to offer good views of the surroundings and they have a various number of rooms, ranging from two and up to four rooms with terraces.The asymmetrical structure wishes to be reminiscent of childhood and offers an alternative vision, one which tries to reflect an optimistic and creative state of mind.

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thedani, April 24th, 2017
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