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Science Center AHHAA

Tartu, Estonia
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AHHAA was established as a special project of the Department of Research and Institutional Development of the University of Tartu (founded in 1632). The Science Center was designed on 1997 and has had a strong and stable development ever since. The purpose of AHHAA is to introduce science to everyone, using interactive and entertaining methods and the scientific excellence of 380-year old Tartu University.

With the support of Tartu's educational traditions and latest developments of the information society, more than 1,7 million visitors have visited the AHHAA events. Today the center has three different workplaces: the main building in Tartu, the exhibition hall in Tallinn and a 4D adventure cinema in Tartu Lounakeskus.

The Centre constitutes the roots of the Snail Tower. The cupola, half-cupola, globe, and box together produce a constructivist composition, where the connecting elements are vertical communication shafts and horizontal spans, which can be observed both inside and outside.

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thedani, May 17th, 2020
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