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Ski Resort Flaine

Flaine, France
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Right from the design stage, Eric Boissonnas and Marcel Breuer were careful not to disturb the natural surroundings and integrate the resort into the receiving mountain. In other words, the general layout blends in with the environments contours, and the different levels which make up the resort can not be seen from one to the other. The result is a feeling of privacy and tranquility.

In the master plan, the ski runs were designed by champion Emile Allais, with the technical network for electric cables, gondola lift stations on the same level as the ski runs, even the colour of concrete reminds the surrounding rocks, everything was inspired by the ambition to find a balance between functionality and integration.

Breuer not only used his imagination but also the best and most innovative techniques of the time, including a technical tunnel network, not a single electric cable is visible from the exterior; Snow making facilities guaranteeing artificial snow cover from 1973 (the first in Europe.Cable car and gondola lift stations on the same level as the ski runs. Pedestrian centre with links between the different levels of the resort. A non-polluting gas heating plant (the first one in the mountains).

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laura, February 6th, 2013
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