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Maison Du Bresil

Paris, France
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Designed by Le Corbusier in collaboration with Lucio Costa (even if he would have been his name removed from the design of the building), Maison du Bresil is one of most significant French concrete building conceived and realized by the Swiss architect.Located into the Cite Universitaire de Paris, the building acts as both a residence hall for Brazilian academics, students, teachers, and artists, and as a hub for Brazilian culture, by providing exhibition spaces and archival resources.The building, like Corbusier's Swiss Pavilion, is a five story concrete volume that stands above the ground on stilts, also made of concrete. Beneath this volume is an irregular first floor that houses administrative spaces in the west wing, and communal spaces, such as the library, the theatre, the exhibition space and gathering space, in the east. The two wings are joined underneath the building by a curvilinear passage that acts internally as an intermediate space, and externally as a boundary for outdoor arcades.(source: Archdaily)

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lorenzozandri, February 4th, 2018
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