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Simplonstrasse Housing Project

Berlin, Germany
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The facade of Simplon, 2011

The housing project on Simplonstrasse in Berlin is comprised of eight proposed developments on a single block. In 2012 two of the eight projects had reached completion stage.

Florian Koehl from FAT Koehl Architekten is working as the architect along with a collection of project managers and the future inhabitants. This process is inherent to the design and development of each building to achieve and outcome of 'shared authorship'.


Simplon was the first building to be completed in 2011. The design outcome is a tessellating combination of apartments which are fluid, each floor plan varying slightly depending on the needs of the inhabitants.

Another feature is the execution of various vistas and viewpoints from the interior to the exterior. Each apartment has undergone extensive analysis to ensure that sunlight and views outside are optimal, resulting in a 11733|patchwork facade.


Simplus is the second building to be completed in the Simplonstrasse House project. Just as Simplon was motivated by creating an outcome of 'shared authorship' - so too does Simplus. Again a team of architects and project coordinators worked closely with the end-users from concept to completion. Because of this process, each apartment varies slightly, as expressed through the different 11747|typologies.

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aleeshacallahan, August 22nd, 2013
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