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Todd Saunders

Bergen, Norway
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Saunders Arkitektur AS is a firm owned by Canadian Todd Saunders (born 1969 in Gander, Newfoundland) who has lived and worked in Bergen, Norway since 1997. The firm has recently been incorporated. Todd Saunders is the principal architect along with 3 employed architects, 2 apprentices, and a part-time office manager. Todd Saunders has 15 years experience (with SOK, PRO & KPR) while the other 3 architects in the office have from 2-8 years experience.

Saunders has worked in countries such Austria, Germany, Russia, and Latvia. Currently, the office is working mostly in Norway, and has projects in England, Denmark, Sweden, and Canada. The work of Saunders Arkitektur AS has been published in newspapers, magazines, and books worldwide. We have included a list of publication later in this presentation.

Todd Saunders received a Bachelor of Environmental Planning & Design from the Nova Scotia College of Art and De- sign, Halifax, Canada. While doing his bachelors, Saunders spent a semester as an exchange student at the Rhode Island School of Design, Department of Architecture. He subsequently received a Masters of Architecture from McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

Saunders has been a part-time teacher at the Bergen Architecture School, since 2001. He has lectured at various architecture and design schools in Scandinavia, Canada, and England. In 2005 Saunders taught a one-week design/ build course in the International Architecture Program in Oulu, Finland. In the spring of 2006, Saunders was a visiting professor at The University of Québec in Montreal, Canada.

Todd Saunders is a member of NAL and is a member of various architectural juries including the Annual Norwegian Concrete Prize. He has been an architecture juror in Finland and Sweden. Todd Saunders has held various lectures for the Norwegian Architecture Association (NAL), Norsk Form, and at all 3 architecture schools in Norway.

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Bergen, Norway
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