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Scandinavian House

Visoko Pri Igu, Slovenia
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The Scandinavian house is a private house situated in a small town on a hilly terrain. Its number of floors was determined by the urban code of the local commune which allows a ground floor and the first floor with a gable roof, making it a traditional Slovenian house. The investor had lived in Sweden for 40 years that's why he wanted architects to create a wooden house that resembles Scandinavian houses. The house is visually not big, it fuses together with the surrounding nature and it is open to neighbors, meaning it is not fenced and it does not have a completely private interior. The floors blend into one big space in order to create vague transitions between the floors. The exterior of the house also has smooth transitions between different levels. This is how the interior and the exterior became one space for living.

The first floor offers views of the town and the Alps, that's why it is dedicated to a living room and spaces for daily activities. The more intimate ground floor includes a bedroom which is connected to a garden with a pool and a pond.

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lovro, May 6th, 2018
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