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Marusa Zorec

Ljubljana, Slovenia
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Marusa Zorec has been an independent architect since 1992; she is also assistant professor at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana. She was for several years assistant to Vojteh Ravnikar, who influenced her way of working and perceiving architecture. Furthermore she admires the work of Slovene architects Edvard Ravnikar and Oton Jugovec, but mostly she is inspired by nature itself.

Although best known for her renovations of historical buildings, which she subtly transforms with brave new additions, her activities range from set designs to urban interventions, from researching Slovenian architecture of the 1960s and '70s to writing. She is always striving to discover different layers of space, but her highest admiration is reserved for voids and nature. She founded a collective of architects Arrea Architecture with Matjaz Bolcina, Martina Tepina, Masa Zivec, Uros Rustja, Tadej Bolta, Katja Saje, Mark Koritnik and Aleksi Vicic.

In several projects Arrea have tackled cultural heritage issues. With a subtle touch they transform ruined and abandoned places into modern buildings while respecting the qualities of the existing structure, programme and the natural surroundings.

Most projects by architect Marusa Zorec consist of interventions in existing heritage-listed buildings and complexes. Examples include the renovation of the Villa Ventrelli complex, the design of a day chapel in the basement of a Franciscan monastery and the Franc Susnik library inside the shell of a medieval castle, a design for a square and Open Air Altar for the St. Vid church at Brezje, the largest pilgrimage church in Slovenia. These kinds of projects are particularly difficult to design, as the architect has to take into account various layers of history while also complying with any number of strict preservation regulations and requirements.

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Ljubljana, Slovenia
bostjan, December 21st, 2018
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