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Royal Air Force Command Building

Belgrade, Serbia
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This monumental palace was built in the center of Zemun oriented towards the then Yugoslav large square dominated by center of Zemun. The building was designed by architect Dragisa Brasovan in technical collaboration with M. Jovanovic. The building has five floors and a central tower of 36 meters height. The function of the building is defined by the context: in the basement there is a storage, printing magazine; in the ground floor there is a library, laboratories, command apartment and rooms for officers; in the first floor we find the civil aviation sector and the engineering school; in the second floor there is the general staff of the department and the technical department; in the third floor there is an ambulance and judiciary; fourth floor consists of the engineering department; the fifth floor has a radio service, room rentals and snack bar with roof terrace; in the tower we find a meteorological service and a school.

Meteorological Service has serviced the nearby airport in Bezanija. The building is constructed of reinforced concrete supporting a combination of internal and facade walls with massive free-standing pillars of the main stair hall - the tower. The facade is covered with stone slabs and plaster on the upper floors. Sculptures of the crest at the entrance gate are the work of sculptor Sreten Stojanovic.

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lchiselef, May 2nd, 2014
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