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Residential Building and Sipad Headquarters

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Completed in 1956, six years after the Ministry of Public Health, Residential Building and Sipad Headquarters further solidified Tihmoir Ivanovic as one of the leading modernist architects in Sarajevo. This time Ivanovic completely breaks away from the social realist influence and draws inspiration from Oscar Niemeyer instead, thus creating one of the most prominent modernist buildings in Sarajevo.

Residential Building and Sipad Headquarters are located at the edge of Veliki Park (Big Park) and they delineate the beginning of the built form along the north side of the main street named Titova Ulica. The park, as well as a large open square across from it, allow the passerby to experience the two buildings in their entirety when arriving from the west side. In their scale these two buildings juxtapose each other but in every other way they are very complimentary and work as a whole.

Although the two buildings are separate entities they lean on each other and share a part of the side wall. Ivanovic goes back to the principles of pure geometry, simplified openings and a receded top floor which allows for a terrace on the top floor in both instances. In these two buildings horizontal lines are much more legible than in the previous work. Although broken down in scale, Ivanovic also introduces the abstracted decoration in the form of vertical fins at the front facade of the Sipad Headquarters much like he did in the Ministry of Public Health.

In order to allow for a continuous pedestrian flow, Ivanovic frees part of the ground floor of the Sipad Headquarters, and thus creates a covered promenade lined with the distinct V shaped columns visually suspending the building off them. Although these two buildings could benefit from a facade cleanup, their post siege restoration remains relatively true to the spirit of Ivanovic's original design.

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bostjan, January 22nd, 2021
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