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Hotel Vucko

Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Hotel Vucko was designed by Zlatko Ugljen in 1982. It is located in the Jahorina mountain, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The hotel is an outstanding example of spatial and visual harmony of interior and exterior architecture.

The hotel is erected for XIV Olympic Winter Games and it is set in a glade, surrounded by rich dense vegetation. The existing morphology of the terrain determines the spatial organization divided by functions. Markedly steep roofs, integrates the object with the terrain during winter snows, and the emphasized, multifunctional entrance porch are the main characteristics of the building form. The hotel is implemented in in the context of the 'total design'.

A cozy mountain atmosphere was achieved through the use of wood for lining the walls and ceilings, a subtle decorative game of wooden profile constructions set in the mountain atmosphere created beyond any trivial schemes and rural decoration delivered by anonymous.