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Berlin, Germany
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The Pallasseum or Sozialpalast is a housing block in Schoeneberg district of Berlin. The building was designed on the ground of the demolished Sport Palace in 1973. The building complex is a home to about 2.000 people in 514 apartments.

At the beginning was the Pallasseum a perfect example of a building for modern living but over the years evolved to a deprived area. The proportion of migrants among residents increased and due to the high population density the area lost its value. There were many damages caused by vandalism and situation become problematic. The district management started to improve the situation with the help of social workers. There were also many improvement at the building as for example the redesign of the front doors and staircases, the transformation of the parking into the park and introduction of a resident cafe.

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bostjan, February 18th, 2016
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