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One-Man House

Neuss, Germany
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Back in 1995, Oliver Kruse together with Katsuhito Nishikawa planned and built the One-Man House on the Rocket Station, Hombroich.

A single-cell guesthouse whose simplicity of form, clarity of function, ideal proportions and such structural details as the verandah with its plain wooden posts supporting a raised, flat, projecting roof anticipate the architecture of the Children's Island Hombroich, which was Kruse's other building in Hombroich.

The unity of the one-man house is underpinned on the one hand by the membrane character of the roof and, on the other, by the fact that each room, as a single unit forming part of the whole, expresses itself, quite literally, outwards. The one-man house is, as it were, a cell in a state of existence immediately preceding division. Cell division has clearly taken place in the case of the nursery school.

Kruse and Nishikawa used standard-sized plywood panels to build the One-Man House.

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lacuna, November 11th, 2011
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