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Nobel Peace Center

Oslo, Norway
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The Nobel Peace Center (Norwegian: Nobels Fredssenter) in Oslo, Norway, is a showcase for the Nobel Peace Prize and the ideals it represents. The Center is also an arena where culture and politics merge to promote involvement, debate and reflection around topics such as war, peace and conflict resolution.

The Center presents the Nobel Peace Prize laureates and their work, in addition to telling the story of Alfred Nobel and the other Nobel prizes. This is done using multimedia and interactive technology, exhibitions, meetings, debates, theater, concerts and conferences, as well as a broad educational program and regular guided tours.

The Nobel Peace Center was opened in 2005 by HRH King Harald V of Norway in a ceremony attended by the royal families of Norway and Sweden. The Nobel Peace Center is financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture, private sponsors and admission fees. Temporary exhibitions are fully sponsored.

The Nobel Peace Center is located in the former Oslo Vestbanestasjon (Oslo West railway station) building dating from 1872, which ceased to be used as a railway station in 1989. It is located close to the Oslo City Hall and overlooking the harbor, where the Nobel Peace Prize Award Ceremony takes place every 10 December, to commemorate Alfred Nobel's death.

David Adjaye of Adjaye Associates is responsible for the Center's creative design, including its colour schemes.

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