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Moscow State Palace of Child and Youth Creativity

Moscow, Russia
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Moscow State Palace of Child and Youth Creativity (MGDTiYu) was originally called the Palace of Young Pioneers, a community center for young people. It was founded 1936 but opened only in June 1962.Palace of Pioneers in Moscow became one of the first true experiments of Soviet modernism. To this day it makes a clean and effective impression.Different parts of the building had different decorative themes to indicate the function of the places.The center includes the main structure or palace, with its study halls, studios and other rooms for indoor group activities, a small auditorium, a concert hall, a stadium, some playgrounds for sports, swimming pool, pond, nature trail, outdoor theater and some other structures for science experiments and other activities.

Khrushchev who was critical of local architecture up to this point was very fond of the project. He personally opened the palace and offered his positive review. He said at the opening: "Some like it, others may not like it... But I like it." The project became a showcase of Soviet architecture and renewal process. It was often visited by dignitaries and such famous architects as Alvaro Aalto and Lucio Costa.

Today this Moscow Palace of Child (Youth) Creativity offers over 1200 groups and classes for children up to age 18. These extra-curricular activities cover a wide range of interests including visual arts, engineering, astronomy, ecology, technical sports, music, driving, creative development, scientific research and others.

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ziggurat, July 15th, 2012
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