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Vyacheslav Vladimirov

Vyacheslav Vladimirov was a member of the OSA Group (Organization of Contemporary Architects) which was an architectural association in the Soviet Union. The group was active from 1925 to 1930 and considered the first group of constructivist architects. It published the journal SA (Sovremmennaia Arkhitektura or 'Contemporary Architecture').He studied at the Moscow Institute of Civil Engineering (MIGI) and graduated in 1923.His major projects included the Community residential block Dom Kommuna (with M. Barshch), Malaya-Bronnaya ulitsa in Moscow 1929, the Gosstrakh housing block (with M. Ginzburg), Malaya-Bronnaya ulitsa in Moscow 1926-1927 and the Workers' Club of the Compressor Factory in Moscow 1927-1929.

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ziggurat, June 20th, 2011
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