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Milana Apartment Building

Belgrade, Serbia
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Dedinje is one of the most up-market residential areas in the Belgrade, capital of Serbia. This district, dating from the period between the two World Wars has been and continues to be home to many Serbian politicians. In this setting boasting a heterogeneous mixture of styles ranging from classical to postmodern in keeping with the building's owners sometimes eccentric penchants, Dejan Miljkovic and Jovan Mitrovic have opted for an emphatically modern design approach.

The residential development which they have designed comprises four terraced houses and a penthouse which holds the four buildings below together and lends them a sense of unity. Three of the terraced houses and the penthouse are being marketed by an investor, while the larger end house has been tailored to the individual wishes of a private owner. Each unit possesses its own front garden enclosed between high wall panels which lend it a degree of privacy. The private gardens to the rear of the buildings are set into the ground to the depth of half a storey, while the penthouse's occupants have six terraces covering a total of 150 m2 at their disposal.