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Fish Church

Gothenburg, Sweden
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Fish Church was built in 1874 and was an architectural experiment by Victor von Gegerfelt, a military man and architect and one of the two most influential architects from the mid 19th century. He was inspired by the wooden Norwegian stave churches and stone Gothic churches. The idea was to have a room without pillars.

Gothenburg has always been a city of fishermen, and the fish market was very famous in the past. A couple of hundred years ago the fish was sold in many different places around the city, but due to the bad hygiene money was set up, from a fund, for the building of an indoor market place in 1871. Three years later the construction was finished, and quickly became very popular. In the beginning it was met with some sceptical voices, and in a travel guide from 1884 a wellknown swedish critic called the building "less beautiful than strange"...

Today it's one of Gothenburg's most notorious sights. Not long after the opening it was re-named from "Fish Hall" to "Feskekorka" which is fish church in English.

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lacuna, November 7th, 2011
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