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Encants Market

Barcelona, Spain
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Made through a European Competition for the construction of the new Encants Market in Barcelona, the new Encants market is installed as a device to mediate between the reform of the Plaza de las Glorias and the axis of Meridiana, an area popularly known as Les Glories de Bosquet. The proposal raises a platform (or commercial square) at various levels as a continuous surface suitable for all commercial activities. By bending the platform, the different levels of the street are reconciled, understanding the market as a large square deck, capable of instilling activity in all parts of the program. The casing, the principal component of urban recognition, protects commercial activities at the same time that becomes a mechanism reflection of the city into the market. Each modular structure will have different inclinations to reflect light, atmosphere, and landscape.

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daniele, August 15th, 2017
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