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Maravillas Gimnasium

Madrid, Spain
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The school Wonders of the Christian Brothers took the top of this hillside located in Madrid. Entered the 60s came the need to expand the school and the gym, charging Alejandro de la Sota performing the work. The architect went on deck to expand the schoolyard and emptied the hillside to create the new sports gym while endowed the school with new classrooms, resolving the request from a special project that brings structure, location, function, light and materiality.

"The building of the year 1962, was born this way. Concerned with urban problems, bad use of solar, economic, gave no room for concerns about a specific architecture, so it lacks any of them. Perhaps it is another, perhaps. Would explain the controversy: yes Architecture, Building no. Set the volume of the gymnasium itself at the proper height, are added to the program by architect basement, classes (indoor gym) and terrace (playground) at the height of the College. By choosing the appropriate structure are achieved inside the gym and classes, architectural effects."

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gemazzz, May 22nd, 2017
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