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The Leme Gallery was designed in 2003 by Paulo Mendes da Rocha in collaboration with Metro Arquitetos. The gallery was only open for eight years before being demolished due to the land being developed for commercial enterprise, which is not uncommon practice for a quickly urbanising Sao Paolo. In 2013 a larger space, the New Leme Gallery opened a few blocks away.

The Leme Gallery was designed to make the most of a small site - necessary elements for a gallery such as large wall surface, natural light and high ceilings - all being required to squeeze within a compact volume.

The services were concentrated within one strip allowing maximum use of space while servicing the main exhibition space as well as the two administrative rooms. The ceiling was designed to allow natural light to filter down into every space.

The key material used through the gallery was 15cm thick reinforced concrete. This created spaces with a repetitive geometry for the walls, floors and inclined planes.

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aleeshacallahan, August 27th, 2013
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