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Lathbury House

Liverpool, United Kingdom
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Lathbury House

Lathbury House is a classic 1960s architectural composition. This is the best part of it i.e. the geometric staircase with cut-outs and the heavy looking water tank housing overhead.

It was designed as part of the City Councils new "Hostels for the Elderly" programme in about 1963-65. The architects were local Liverpool firm Rowse and Harker (although Rowse was ill and died around this time and probably had no part in this design). The building cost PS101,000 and housed 52 residents. It was built in the grounds of "Croxteth Lodge" , an old mansion house acquired for the same development programme about fifteen years earlier.

The white external handrail on the outside pavement, the white door and screen alongside and the canopy are all later additions and not part of the original design.

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timsawford, March 19th, 2015
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