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Dune House

Suffolk, United Kingdom
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Dune House is situated near the village of Thropeness in Suffolk, on England's eastern coast. Nestled into the dunes, the house offers fantastic views across the sea. The roof landscape is reminiscent of those on other local buildings, but its complex geometric structures are nonetheless unique and contemporary. Each of the four gables contains a bedroom, with a free-standing bathtub and an en-suite bathroom. The windows are positioned in such a way that you can enjoy beautiful views of the landscape and sea - either from the bed or the bathtub. Wood features prominently within all the bedrooms, enhancing their homely character. In contrast to these retreats, concrete, glass and aluminum have been used on the ground floor. The all-round glazing provides panoramic views from every area: from the living area with its own fireplace, to the dining area and open kitchen. The house's corners can be opened with large sliding doors, which adds to the floating impression of the upper floor.

To get planning permission it was important to relate to the existing, typical, British seaside strip of houses. The roofscape, the bedroom floor, somehow plays with the formal presence of these buildings, and also brings into mind a romantic remembrance of holidays at bed- and breakfasts while traveling through the UK. The ground floor is contrasting this by its lack of relationship to the architecture of the top floor. The living area and the terraces are set into the dunes in order to protect it from the strong winds and opens equally in all directions to allow for wide views. The corners can be opened by sliding doors; this will emphasize the floating appearance of the top floor.

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bostjan, November 14th, 2020
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