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Mexico City, Mexico
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Kkiioosskkoo, designed by Pedro Cenal Murga, Roberto Michelsen Engell and Adrian Ramirez Siller, is the winning proposal of the Kiosko Pavilion, initiative promoted by Alumnos47. The project synthesizes the tectonics and materiality of a kiosk understood from its two architectural configurations -newsstand and pavilion- and then translates them into a new context: a flat garden surrounded by trees with voluminous crowns and flanked by an old house. Aided by a public program, this new landscape component performs as a meeting point between a series of exhibition elements -publications, objects, pieces of art, commissioned works- and diverse audiences.

Kiosk, from French kiosque, which is (along with German and Polish kiosk) from Turkish koshk, kioshk "pavilion, summer house," from Persian kushk "palace, villa; pavilion, portico, has embodied two meanings across different cultures; both coincide in their allusion to small and confined constructions, but differ in their spatial conformation. While the kiosk (1) is delimited by a series of articulated surfaces that work as a support to display merchandise, the kiosk (2), does not have perimeter walls and is rather demarcated by a height change and often by a canopy. Hence, the range of interactions with the kiosk (1) happen around it unlike the kiosk (2) that hosts activities inside.

Just like a kiosk (1) on a sidewalk would be adapted to the palette of the adjacent urban furniture materials and a kiosk (2) in an esplanade would match its volumetry and proportions with the architecture that surrounds it, a kiosk (x) located inside a garden would have to speak the same language through its materiality. Considering the coincidences between the programmatic needs of the Kiosko Pavilion and the typologies described, Kkiioosskkoo departs from reconciling the nature of the kiosks (1) and (2) in a landscape project that is incorporated with and responds to the Alumnos47 garden and that can later be relocated in other points.

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bostjan, November 1st, 2018
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