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Berlin, Germany
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Conversion, restoration and connection of two apartments in a semi-detached house in Berlin, Germany.

The upper apartment of a two family house from the 1930s located in the south-west of Berlin had to be rebuilt and restored.The future pastor´s flat of the church community of Schlachtensee extends over the first floor and the attic floor of the semi-detached house. As part of the modernization measures the attic was expanded and insulated. Furthermore a direct connection between the two floors was planned.New stairs parallel to the existing staircase outside the apartment, starting in the kitchen and ending in the hallway of the attic, form the requested connection and simultaneously build the back of the redesigned, light kitchen. In addition the wall between kitchen and dinning room was demolished. The resulting generous and open living area gives the apartment the desired new center.

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brandtsimon, March 9th, 2017
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