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Berlin, Germany
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living room & kitchen

Decades after their construction the high-rise prefabricated buildings made with concrete slabs - despite or even because of their brutal neutrality - are open for individual entries. The urban life likes to take place high above the city.In the stacked boxes walls are demolished and new bays are cut. The constructional needs of industrial building stay visible and the effective tight floor plans get an update.The future of the "Platte" alternates between gilding and demolition. The location decides.The fight of the patterned wallpaper against the shoe box is resumed - this time without any sorrow. The uniform gets a glowing lining. The space edges fade into the background behind the new strong patterns.Against the egalitarianism of the white ingrain wallpaper!The Repeating, known and criticized exhaustively as the principle of this building type, develops its power in the wallpaper pattern.Standardized building components disappear behind the cladding as well as the wall equal wardrobe doors.The graphic endless-strap of wallpapers and tiles serves as commentary on the limitation of space.The floor connects and flows seamlessly trough the rooms in stony colors of concrete that symbolizes the construction time and method like no other material.The preciously lined boxes see into the city trough large windows. The limitation is evitable.

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brandtsimon, March 9th, 2017
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