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Housing L

Sezana, Slovenia
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The Housing L addition upgrades the two existing blocks at the edge of a housing neighborhood facing shopping and industrial part of a small town of Sezana. The concept of 3 for 1 (3 buildings instead of 1) enables the new building to become an essential forming part of the whole and not merely its extension.

3 for 1 Systematic Structure

3 for 1 is a systematic volumetric structure with distinctive vertical orientation. The structural approach emphasizes the already present structural appearance of the existing buildings and redefines the sloped roof in order to restore an individual identity of each vertical element. Front elevation is bending inward to accentuate the street side of the building and its entrance.

Materials, Structure

The selection of the facade materials corresponds with the building material, concrete structural walls become side elevations finished in plaster, and brick walls are finished in fibre cement panels in vertical layout. Flats are compact, opening to an introverted small loggia with integrated storage space. The alternation of loggia position on the elevation occurs with two options of entering the outdoor space either one way - from the living only or two ways - as well from the bedroom.

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bostjan, July 24th, 2017
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