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House of the Trade Unions

Bratislava, Slovakia
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The House of the Trade Unions by architects Ferdinand Koncek, Ilja Skocek and Lubomir Titl, nicknamed "Grey Mouse" by the public, provides a similar surprise in the sudden transition from the sharp-cut stone-clad geometric shapes facing a huge empty square and the spacious foyer on the upper floor with its polished columns and its oval-shaped lightwells hovering over the main staircase.

The overall clarity of design is even more amazing if one considers the long building period of 26 years, a practice not unusual, meaning that political changes often occurred during the lengthy building process, and architects faced personal difficulties, even though their designs remained unaltered.

Being politically outspoken, Stefan Svetko's name had been officially deleted from all documents and plans by the time his Broadcasting Center was finally opened in 1985.

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ziggurat, August 17th, 2012
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