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Haludovo Palace Hotel

Malinska, Croatia
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The Haludovo Palace Hotel is an abandoned resort hotel on the Croatian island Krk north of Malinska. The designer of the complex was Boris Magas. The construction begun in 1969 and lasted till 1972. The hotel complex Haludovo is an ensemble of various architectural typologies. The resort consisted of a central building - The Hotel Palace (named after a nearby beach), The Hotel Tamaris, two clusters of atrium-bungalows, a beach bar, a chain of two-storey apartment houses, a detached reception building and a fishermen village with a small port. Buildings are build in various styles, from modern to postmodern, and can be read as the new tendencies in the region's tourism architecture.

The Penthouse-Brodokomerc Partnership

Bob Guccione, the founder of the Penthouse magazine, invested 45 million US-dollars in the project and officially opened the Penthouse Adriatic Club casino located in the hotel in 1972. Due to constraints on foreign investment in communist Yugoslavia, the hotel was owned by the Rijeka based company Brodokomerc. The Penthouse-Brodokomerc partnership didn't last long, but the resort remained a hotspot for upper class guests.

From Yugoslav War to Present

During the Yugoslav wars in the 1990s, the complex was used as a shelter for refugees. In the 2000s was bought by a Russian-Armenian offshore company based in Cyprus. Since 2002, the majority of the complex has been vacant. Today, the ruin of Haludovo is probably the most famous "lost place" in Croatia.

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lchiselef, January 24th, 2021
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