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Vienna, Austria
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Overlooking the vast green expanse of the Vienna Prater, with the Danube River literally right at the doorstep, the HAUSTRIFT row-house community (a project by architects Superblock in cooperation with Johnny Winter) is an indisputable eye-catcher. The concept captivates with an elegant combination of affordable and ecologically sustainable prefabricated modular design, featuring built-in flexibility of use for each individual residential unit. Each component of the community blends into an organic, vibrant whole.

This residential oasis in the middle of a comparatively secluded green area boasts a natural connection to a nearby public recreational area. The green space within the settlement further contributes to the creation of a relatively private sanctuary. The spatial movement of the facade elements, projecting in and out, frames a lively inner courtyard, intended to recall a rich meadow in full bloom. To encourage future residents to get involved in arranging their neighbourhood together, a landscape designer will provide a free consultation. In addition, a purchasing group will be responsible for adding low-cost landscape plants.The homes are semi-detached houses with windowless side walls, which allow in-home privacy despite the short distance between neighbours. The generous glass panels of the front and rear walls face north-east and south-west, allowing in the morning and evening sunlight. The buildings stand out due to their minimalist design. Identical from the outside, they feature an exceptional versatility in organizing private living and working space inside.The simplicity of concept is a response to the contemporary demand for a high-quality standard house model. The buildings are constructed exclusively from finished and semi-finished components, which can be easily dismantled at any time and are fully recyclable. The costs are kept extremely low due to the short construction period and optimal use of the site. The monthly rent for a 95m2 house with its own backyard is not more than 599 Euros.Last but not least, the community is highly ecologically sustainable. Wood is the principal material used in construction, including for ceiling and wall panels, stairs, windows and floors. Among the other measures for environmental sustainability are the usage of low-emission construction products, rainwater collection and planting that suits local conditions and is compatible with the native vegetation. The power supply is provided via the local heating network and is cost-effective and ecologically friendly.

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superblock, January 7th, 2013
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