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Gudbrandsjuvet Bridge

Gudbrandsjuvet, Norway
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The bridge leads from the parking lot, through a small forest over a creek, and down to the viewing platform next to the water falls. To get access for wheel chairs the bridge needed a length of 75 m. The four bridge spans are mounted connected with horizontal landings like a "zig zag". The construction has similarities to a cable bridge. The main construction consists of three duplex steel cables welded to the posts at both sides of the bridges and are anchored down to the foundations under each end of the spans, where also the columns carrying the bridges are assembled with the cables. The cables are also a part of the railing system together with ordinary black rod steel. The railing posts have the same profile as at the viewing platform, but the pattern of the steel rods is different as it is governed by the duplex cables. The floor is constructed by 25mm steel sheets.

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