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Barjanka Bridge and Gradascica Park

Ljubljana, Slovenia
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Representing one of the main entrance points into the city centre, the Barjanka Bridge is designed in a way in which it contributes to the creation of the urban atmosphere. In order to achieve an appropriate relationship between the relatively short distance which needed bridging and the necessary width to accommodate traffic, the side walls are prolonged to enclose the elongated steps connecting the raised street level with the level of the park along the river.

The vertical element of four candelabra, which are placed along the side walls, defines the space of the bridge from afar. They can be equally seen while driving in a car along the city avenue and while walking in the park along the river.

The organization of the space under the bridge should be as open and as attractive as possible since it connects the park on both river banks. An allusion to Joze Plecnik's stands for washing laundry is planned as a small attraction on the path at the point under the bridge where the river slightly widens.

The new enlarged green space along the river is connected to the neighboring urban fabric by landmarks placed into the axes of the existing city grid spaces. The small park is intended as a kind of outdoor living room, especially for the nearby Old People's Home.

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mariathuroczy, June 21st, 2017
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