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Fieger House

Dessau, Germany
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This is the private house of Bauhaus architect Carl Fieger. It was built in 1927 during the construction of the nearby Torten Estate. The house is located above an old gravel pit which was used for the Torten Estate and spared Fieger the excavation for the basement.

The house is the only design realised from a series of plans for small houses, which were to be built along rational lines and with flexible room partitions. Although related to Gropius' functional design style, the house design has the particularities of Fieger's own approach. Particularly the extended semi-circular staircase in the west of the building which gives it a unique character. The ground floor has a living room and a bedroom. These are only separated by fitted cupboards and a sliding door so that they can be connected to form one large room during the day. The kitchen features a serving hatch to the living room. The interior fittings and furnishings were made in the Bauhaus workshops in accordance with the architect's concepts.

Carl Fieger left Dessau in 1928 to work with Walter Gropius in Berlin where he continued to work after the war. The house remained Fieger's property until his death, but his wife sold it shortly afterwards. The new owner added a room and a garage on the eastern front, otherwise the original structure remained unchanged. The house is privately owned until the present day.

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  1. Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau
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mies, July 12th, 2019
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