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Steindorf, Austria
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The 'Steinhaus' at Lake Ossiach, a lake near Klagenfurt, became a personal manifesto for his desinger, the achitect Gunther Domenig. Over the many years of its construction, it was both an outlet for his technical and formal experimentation, and a focus for his architectural aspirations. The Steinhaus has become a cultural icon, having hosted concerts, been the subject of television and art projects, and having featured in many books and magazines.

Since 2012, the building has been declared a Historic Monument. The transformation of regional landscape elements led to an architectural sculpture with a noticeable spatial intensity. The house has been standing for years as an architectural workshop and think tank between the disciplines. The stone house thus becomes a place of encounter between architecture, art, business and the public, which not only preserves the house itself by revitalizing it, but also fosters the building culture of the region and the architecture itself.

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johnx, October 17th, 2017
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