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Dessau, Germany
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Carl Fieger who worked as a designer in Walter Gropius' practice, followed him to Weimar, Dessau and later to Berlin where he taught classes at the Bauhaus. He received the commission to build an excursion restaurant on the river banks of the Elbe in Dessau in 1929. Although he did not win the competition, his project proved to be the most cost-efficient and he was awarded the contract.

The restaurant received its name form a granary which was located next to the site. It was demolished soon after the Kornhaus was built. It was renovated in 1994 and has remained a restaurant until the present day.It was constructed in mixed construction of brick masonry with reinforced concrete columns. The individual cubic structures are grouped around the kitchen, while following the upstairs dance hall and the restaurant area. Fieger used different construction techniques reinforcing a brick structure with a reinforced concrete frame. The front, with its semicircular glass facade is most striking part of the building giving it its character. It was originally designed as an open balcony, but was finally closed in with glass. The basement floor featured a bar with a separate entrance. Although the Kornhaus was rebuilt several times, the original substance has largely been preserved.

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krazin, July 12th, 2019
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