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Family House at Kotez-Neimar

Belgrade, Serbia
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Architect Milan Zlokovic designed and built his own family house at Kotez-Neimar in 1927. The design for the house, where architect Zlokovic was able to realize for the first time his progressive ideas, anticipates the modernist movement in the Serbian inter-war architecture. Instead of the usual academic manner of emphasized architecture of a corner building, the dramatic corner of Zlokovic's house was achieved by the crossing of two three-dimensional systems of mass composition. The approach to a modernist understanding of architecture was realized through the application of the so called "free plan", a rational conception of non-ornamental cubic structure and a dynamic composition of the masses. The characteristic detail of the exterior are arched apertures on the front of the ground floor zone and relief between the upper floor windows. By his original, modern solution of the house architect Zlokovic created a new, modern identity of the surrounding urban space. Architect Milan Zlokovic (1898-1965) was one of the eminent figures of the Serbian twentieth century architecture. As one of the founders of the Group of architects of modernist orientation (1928) he had crucial influence on the penetration of new ideas into the then conservative Serbian environment. A rich legacy is still kept in the house; it is indispensable in the study of his multifaceted personality.

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bostjan, April 30th, 2014
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