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Edificio Princesa

Madrid, Spain
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This UNIQUE building was designed in 1975 by the architects Fernando Higueras Diaz and Antonio Miro Valverde to house military houses. In the Universidad - Palacio neighborhood, also known as the Maravillas neighborhood. Higueras and Miro designed these floors, commissioned (in 1973) by General Medrano, for the patronage of military houses in Madrid, as if they were Aztec ruins. It is almost a rocky accident. At a time when no one was talking about green buildings, the idea was for vegetation to cover everything and for the eaves to provide shade. With private gardens and interior terraces full of vegetation, this unique building offers hundreds of amenities due to its location, intense light from all its windows, views from its terraces without forgetting the comfort of having a garage space in the center of the city . This impressive concrete monster surprises and amazes everyone who has ever passed through its streets.

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bostjan, February 26th, 2021
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