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Torre Blancas

Madrid, Spain
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One of the most impressive constructions by the architect Saenz de Oiza is the Torres Blancas building in Madrid, one of the masterpieces of the style known as Spanish extreme organicism. Through this project, Spanish architecture of the time aimed to demonstrate its will to excel, and the cultural sophistication of a style of architecture which abandoned rationalism in order to embrace shapes which were more suited to the aesthetic needs of urban society. This residential building is 71 m high and has 21 storeys, and is made of reinforced concrete, with a structure conceived in the form of cylinders opened by means of balconies with wooden lattices, and crowned on the top with aerial gardens. Juan Daniel Fullaondo and Rafael Moneo also participated in an assistant capacity in creating these luxury buildings of their time. In 1974 this building received the 'European Excellence Award'.

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lacuna, February 26th, 2021
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