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Drska Primary School

Novo Mesto, Slovenia
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Drska primary school was designed by ATELIERarhitekti founded by Jurij Kobe. The school is situated in Novo Mesto, Slovenia.

The objective of this project was to provide a welcoming and functional space, with a strong connection to nature. Located on the slope of a beautiful valley but in an urban landscape, the school is constructed around a central space that house all general and common facilities such as main entrance, multipurpose hall that opens to the valley, library, teachers' study-rooms, group of gymnastic halls, etc.

The central space welcomes those arriving from the direction of the town and looks over the natural landscape on the other side. The east wing, which follows the slope of the overall site and cascades with shaded terraces, contains classrooms for younger pupils. Each classroom provides access to the meadow beyond. The western wing, which contains rooms for specific teaching programmes for older students, is shaped in a more abstract, rational block. The building's layout and construction meets safety and earthquake safety requirements.

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mariathuroczy, March 31st, 2014
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