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Fragile Shelter

Sapporo Hokkaido, Japan
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Japanese artist and designer Hidemi Nishida has completed 'Fragile Shelter', a temporary winter structure located deep in the forest in Sapporo, Japan. Modest and gentle, the building looks to bring people together in an empathetic and unlikely space which will leave no evidence of its existence once it's been dismantled.

Six identical but slightly offset forms hug the landscape, shifting up and down to mirror the undulations of the earth. Elevated in the air, the meandering form is a direct response of the drastic weather conditions, its pitched and overextended roof designed to protect the transient inhabitants, its body purposefully hovering above the average snow line.

This temporary shelter leads people to gather, and number of events happened there. Sometimes, local student makes a party at there and sometimes local kindergarten children came there and had a lunch. This is a cozy base for winter activities.

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lacuna, July 17th, 2017
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