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Complexo Multiuso

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
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A more human scale as opposed to vertical

The 'Complexo Multiuso' was designed to comply with the relevant integration issues between the user of the complex itself and the surrounding population.

It was established as a premise, the ground floor as large square of retail and services, as a way of pedestrian shelter, separating the flow of pedestrian and traffic. This square is divided into two courtyards integrated among themselves: one has a contemplative character, and the other is a retail and living patio, with bars and restaurants. The intention of creating a balance between the human scale and the scale of the project, contributed to a denser and horizontal shape as opposed to the tower. Thus, we focused on creating an inviting ambience, which "hugs" its users and reinforces the uses planned for the courtyards.

The study of the architectural object resulted in the juxtaposition of three uses for the complex, independent of each other: a hotel, a commercial building and a corporate building. From this program, was established a gradation in the use of brise - soleil facades depending on the characters, own environmental comfort and privacy of each use. The hotel is the most visually protected by a privacy issue, while the commercial and corporate buildings have more glass. The use of metal louvers, associated with green roofs also provide thermal comfort to the interior of buildings.

The paging floor was designed to connect all spaces, alluding to the image of being a web of neurons, linking the activities to human thought and intellect.

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citearquitetura, October 15th, 2014
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