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Church at Atlantida

Atlantida, Uruguay
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The interior of the church is a rectangular space constructed by teh brick walls. The altar is a rough boulder, dressed only on its upper surface. Windows in the side walls direct the light from behind the congregation into the chancel. There is also an aperture in the vaulted roof above. The end wall of the sacristy is slanted inwards, allowing indirect light to be thrown on the wall and vault above the altar.

The circular baptistery is a separate structure, placed underground. The bell-tower is also separate and is the main feature of a square containing the priest's house and a parish hall.

Floors, walls and roof are all of brick, reinforced where necessary. Walls and roof together form a double curved shell and resting on closely spaced concrete piles. The vaulted roof consists of two layers of brick. Together with the walls the vault forms a type of shell frame with two hinges which has great transversal rigidity. The bell-tower is wholly of reinforced brick, built without scaffolding. The prefabricated steps of the spiral staircase inside it are cantilevered from the outer wall.

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bostjan, April 6th, 2016
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