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Jodoin Pratte Lamarre

Montreal, Canada
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Gerard Pratte (right), Bernard Jodoin (centre), Denis Lamarre (left), 1984

Since 1958, Jodoin Lamarre Pratte architectes has been designing architecture that is human-scaled, sustainable, functional, and light-filled. Each project warrants an adapted architectural approach, complementing the vision of its clients in the hopes of generating correct and functional solutions that respond specifically to the problems at hand. This sense of reciprocity is developed through a collaborative approach, with open and candid discussions with project managers, occupants, building operators, and the other professionals involved alike.

The firm owes its name to its three founders, Bernard Jodoin, Denis Lamarre and Gerard Pratte. Founded in 1958 with the intention of producing sustainable and responsible architecture, the firm draws together a team of 100 architects, technicians, designers, and professionals under the direction of Alain Boudrias, Michel Bourassa, Michel Broz, Sylvain Morrier, and Nicolas Ranger, who carry on the culture set out by its founders. Three architecture graduates from the Universite de Montreal, Bernard Jodoin, Denis Lamarre and Gerard Pratte decide to join their professional vocations by founding an office. They initially associate with Pierre Major, a fellow student who works alongside them for five years, then with Jacques Carriere until 1971. As with many young agencies, their beginnings are characterized by small construction, renovation and design contracts, both commercial and residential in nature.

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Montreal, Canada
bostjan, October 11th, 2019
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